VH-KIH  Cessna 180A                                          (c/n 50024)


                                       This 180A has 'storepedos' under the wings, although still retains some cropdusting configuration.
                                       This photo is from the Bob Neate collection and was taken at Moorabbin, circa 1961.    The air-
                                       craft was originally imported (used) in January 1958 as VH-KIM, and re-registered -KIH in April
                                       1959 when with Hazair Agricultural Services, at Orange, NSW.     In December 1961 it was sold
                                        to Air Culture of Perth.  Less than two months later (on 8 February 1962) it crashed on take-off
                                        from an ag strip at Jeramungup, WA and was written off.