VH-KEV  Auster J/5G Cirrus Autocar                     (c/n  3160)


                                   This was the former VH-API which was built as a J/5G Cirrus Autocar.   It was originally owned by
                                   Guinea Airways who, in addition to flying airline schedules also had a charter and airwork contracts
                                   division.  This Auster appears to have been used by them for dropping poison bait for dingo erad-
                                   ication.  VH-API was sold in 1957 to Allan Venning of Kimba, SA and re-registered VH-KEV.
                                   Geoff Goodall's shot above shows it looking absolutely regal at Kiawera Station, up near Broken
                                   Hill in June 1967.  After several different owners it suffered a prop separation in flight 3 nm west of
                                   Nowra, NSW in August of 1974.  It fortunately was able to land at Nowra, but was withdrawn from
                                   use at the owner's request.   In 1983 it was under a long term restoration by Don Adamson of Mount
                                   Duneed, Victoria and finally restored to the register in June of 1995 as a J/5B (the engine shown on
                                   CASA records is a General Motors Holden-built Gipsy Major 1C).   Mr.Adamson still owns the