VH-KEN  Cessna 170A                                      (c/n 19006)


                                   This shot of VH-KEN was taken at Lae, New Guinea in 1970 by Alan Bovelt.  The aircraft was
                                   originally Crowley Airways' VH-CSD, imported in October 1955, ex N9245A.   Although dollar
                                   restrictions were not generally eased in Australia until about 1957, aircraft destined for New Guinea
                                   (usually missionary machines) appear to have been exempted from these rules, and many Cessnas
                                   were to be found in PNG in the early to mid-1950s.      This one was re-registered -KEN when it
                                   was purchased by Ken Nizeite in November 1964.  .Later, with the independence of PNG, it was
                                   re-registered P2-KEN.    It may have gone back to Queensland in the 1980s, some reports suggest-
                                   ing it was rebuilt at Caboolture, and then crashing.