VH-KCY  Auster J/5G Cirrus Autocar                                 (c/n 3267)


                                  This is kind of an odd Auster, at least as far as my collection of photos goes.  Although first registered
                                  in October 1957 (and I was still in Oz in those days) there appear to have been no contemporary shots
                                  of it taken 1950s or 60s.  Or indeed, until it rose phoenix-like in the new millennium.  Also, it seems to
                                  have been current all these years.      Possibly because it appears ti have spent almost all of its career
                                  hidden away in northern NSW.  George Canciani's cropped shot above was at at the Australian Initer-
                                  national Airshow at Avalon in February 2015.   There are a couple more photos of it on the internet, but
                                  all recent ones, and showing it in this very authentic original Auster livery (except for the rego on the tail).