VH-KCC  Auster J/5P Autocar                              (c/n  3251)


                                   The J/5P was the Autocar with the 145 hp. Gipsy Major 10 engine.  What with that, and the rather
                                   odd livery, this machine hardly looks like an Autocar at all!  The above shot was taken by Geoff
                                   Goodall at an air show at RAAF Pearce, Western Australia, in April 1977.   Author David Eyre,
                                   of Perth, took a shot of it a decade later (April, 1988) at Jandakot wherein it had a more conven-
                                   tional Auster paint job (below).  This rare machine has been preserved and is a static display at the
                                   "Business of Mining Gallery" at the Miner's Hall of Fame at Kalgoorlie, WA.