VH-KBT  Auster J/5B Autocar                        (c/n  2939)


                                    The Bob Neate collection photo above shows -KBT at Bankstown in 1960, after it had been
                                    ferried from WA where it had been based since new in 1951 as a fish spotter for Hunts Canning
                                    Co of Perth, operating from the fishing ports of Albany.    It was traded in on the Cessna 182C
                                    VH-ROD, and the Auster went to a private owner at Eranango, Qld in April 1960.    It is seen
                                    in a dark paint scheme with the name "Astra" on the cowling      In Geoff Goodall's shot below
                                    it is seen in a more conventional Auster scheme basking in the autumn sun at Whyalla, SA in May
                                    of 1965.  Although it appears to have been in several accidents from time to time, it is still current
                                    and is now registered to Paul Wheeler in Queensland.