VH-KBM  Auster J/5 Adventurer                     (c/n  2899)


                                        Very nice shot of an Adventurer in standard Auster livery, taken by Geoff Goodall at Busselton,
                                        WA in May 68.   The only thing missing is the normal "Auster Adventurer" legend on the fin, which,
                                        evidently had been doped over (or the fabric replaced). The photo below, also by Geoff was
                                        taken at an air show at Northam, WA in  November 1971 after the Auster had been rebuilt and
                                        repainted in an allover bright red scheme.  VH-KBM is still on the register and currently registered
                                        to Ed Doyle of Australind, WA.