VH-KAW  Auster J/1B Aiglet                             (c/n  2671)


                                  This Aiglet was imported in 1951 through, naturally KSAS.  It was re-registered VH-WFA in
                                  1957 and VH-WWG in 1963.   It is still on the register at -WWG.   The above photograph is
                                  from the Ian W. O'Neill collection although the provenance of the image is not known. It depicts
                                  the machine in the service of Central Western Aviation Services of Nyngan  NSW, the last owners
                                  before it became VH-WFA.    My own shot below is a pretty poor effort, taken late in the day at
                                  Bankstown, NSW, with  the sun  reflecting on the tail surfaces    Following the re-registration of this
                                  aircraft in 1957, another machine carried the registration VH-KAW.  This was an Austra J/1N
                                  Alpha.   Since I did not frequent Bankstown at that time, I do not have a photograph of it.