VH-KAW (2)  Auster J/1N Aiglet II                (c/n  3361)


                                    Referred to as the Alpha outside Australia, VH- registered J/1Ns were known as Aiglet IIs. 
                                    This one was registered in 1957 after the first VH-KAW, a J/1B Aiglet had been re-registered
                                    VH-WFA.    The above photo was taken at "Whitewood" Station, Nyngan, NSW in March
                                    1975 by Mike Vincent (image above via the Geoff Goodall collection).   VH-KAW remained
                                    current up until about 2006 but evidently did not meet the new regulations for rag and tube air-
                                     craft and its CofA has since lapsed.