VH-KAS  Auster J/5B Autocar                     (c/n  2918)


                                  A less than illustrious shot from a very small negative.   Imported in 1951 to KSAS, this aircraft
                                  is still current.   It has shed its dark livery (memory tells me it was all-red) and is now all-white. 
                                  Turns out the aircraft did a spell with the Royal Victorian Aero Club as born out by the somewhat
                                  better shot below by Barrie Colledge (Moorabbin, circa 1957).   The third photo is a (fairly)
                                  contemporary one of it taken by Ken Tilley at Temora, NSW on Easter Sunday, 2005.  Finally
                                  at the bottom of the page is a Geoff Goodall color shot of -KAS at a Mangalore, Vic airshow
                                  in April 1984.