VH-KAL  Auster J/5B  Autocar            (c/n  2914)


                                      Four shots of this Auster which was first registered to KSAS in Bankstown in late 1950.  It flew
                                      with the Royal Aero Club of WA in the 1955-59 period and was, at that time, painted all red, as
                                      seen in the image below from a Don Ende slide, taken at Maylands in 1957.  The shot above, by
                                      Geoff Goodall, shows it at Northam, WA in 1971 wearing a "modern" red and white livery.  This
                                      followed a complete rebuild in 1966. It has, I believe, been current ever since.  Immediately below,
                                      at Serpentine, WA in another Goodall shot, it had been reduced to a plain all-over silver finish.
                                   .  Finally, at the foot of the entry is a contemporary image by Phil Vabre, taken at the AAAA Auster
                                      Rally at Wentworth, NSW in October 2007.