VH-KAI  (2)   Cessna 180A Skywagon                                         (c/n  50012)


                                     Here's a sharp looking 180A visiting Moorabbin in November 1965.  Photo by Peter Limon.      This
                                     much travelled Skywagon had a long pedigree, having previously been registered VH-EDM, EI-ALO,
                                     G-APYJ, N347TC and N9714B when built.      When Peter saw it, it was working for Norwest Air
                                     Charter out of Smithtion, Tasmania.     A few days after this shot was taken, on 14 November 1965
                                     -KAI was wrecked on Trefoil Island off the northeast tip of Tasmania.      The DCA accident report
                                     states, in part:    "In attempting to gain sufficient landing distance the pilot landed short of the strip up
                                     a steep slope  with the strip out of sight.  The aircraft bounced over the crest and, on re-landing, struck
                                     an agricultural implement on the side of the strip and nosed over".