VH-ISC  Britten-Norman BN-2A-3 Islander                    (c/n  207)

                                    Formerly G-AYKP and registered to Islander Aircraft Sales Australia in December 1970, VH-ISC
                                    was photographed by David Carter at Bankstown on January 2, 1971. It was among the first aircraft
                                   on the new Papua New Guinea register when it became P2-ISC in May 1974   . In November 1975
                                   it was reregistered P2-NAM, with Panga Airways, and almost immediately another Islander, c/n 394
                                 , was registered P2-ISC.    David Carter photographed P2-NAM (below) at Lae’s town airport, now
                                   closed, in March 1983 when it was with Morobe Airways and a BN-2A-26 with higher operating
                                   weights.      On December 22, 1995, it overran Begesin airstrip, Madang Province, and was written
                                   off.  Two of the12 on board, including the pilot, were killed.  At the time –NAM was flown by Islands