VH-IOF   Victa Airtourer 115                                    (c/n 33)


                                     It took some effort before VH-IOF found a registration it was happy with.  In quick succession it
                                     was VH-IPW (May 1965 to October 1965),  VH-ICC (October 1965 to November 1965) and
                                     VH-ICF (from November 1965 to March 1966) before it finally became VH-IOF, which it has
                                     worn for more than 50 years.      But before all these it was VH-TPW with the Townsville Aero
                                     Club from March 1964.        The club reallocated the registration to a new Musketeer the same
                                     month as the Victa became –IPW.        David Carter’s picture of –IOF was taken at Bankstown
                                     in 1969.     It was based at Port Macquarie in the mid 1970s but later returned to North Queens-
                                     land.    In September 2016 it was registered to an owner at Cairns.