VH-INW   Douglas DC-6  'Kurana'                                (c/n  43058)                                    

                                             VH-INW was the second of the ex-National Airlines machines purchased in 1953.  This one
                                             was previously N90894.  The nice air to air shot below (# 2) is from is the Civil Aviation Hist-
                                             orical Society's Dr. K.N.E. Bradfield collection.  Image # 3 is from the Jeff Atkinson collection
                                             (via Geoff Goodall) showing -INW at Essendon, circa late 1958, with the airline titling painted
                                             out, probably awaiting repainting as Ansett-ANA.   Finally, the photo at the foot of the page (# 4)
                                             from the Greg Banfield collection was taken at Mascot shortly before it was retired from Ansett-
                                             ANA service.  Like sister ship VH-INV, it was sold off to Transit Equipment Corp in 1960, a
                                             broker who sold it to Nicaragua's national carrier LANICA as AN-AMI.   There it was converted
                                             (becoming a DC-6F).  It was finally broken up in Miami (where it began its working life) whilst
                                             registered YS-03C to Aerolineas El Salvador