VH-INR  Bell 47J Ranger                          (c/n  1757)


                                     VH-INR was the first of what would become a substantial fleet of Bell helicopters operated by
                                     Ansett-ANA.  It was used for a while to transport R.M. Ansett between Essendon Airport, the
                                     Yarra Heliport and mt. Eliza.  It was first registered in January of 1959.   This shot  was taken at
                                     Essendon by Richard J. Maclean in 1959.  VH-INR was written off a little more than a year later
                                     (in March of1960) when it struck power lines and crashed into the Melton Weir (roughly 30 km
                                      west of Melbourne).  Sadly, Captain N. McMillan and 2 passengers were killed.