VH-INQ  Bristol 171 Sycamore 3A                                            c/n 13068


  The above image, via Fred Niven, is from a photograph (looks like an official Ansett-ANA one)
                                                unearthed by Mr. Heath Sandow.   It was taken whilst the Bristol was being used (or tested) as
                                                a crop sprayer, although the venue and date are unknown.   Built as G-AMWG, this Sycamore
                                                was leased by BEA in 1952 and named 'Sir Gawain'.   It joined Ansett-ANA in 1958.     The
                                                shot below, by Lindsay Wise (via the Maurice Austin collection) was taken at Alice Springs,
                                                circa 1960.  At the foot of the page is a rare shot by Barry Maclean at Essendon soon after its
                                                delivery and whilst it  was operating as a flying billboard.    VH-INQ was written of in a crash
                                                at Glengyle, near Birdsville, Queensland in September 1961.