VH-INO   Bristol 171 Sycamore 4      'Yarrana'                     (c/n 13403)


                                              ANA, like many airlines in the mid-50s played around with helicopter operations.  Unlike
                                              some of its European and American counterparts which attempted passengers services, ANA
                                              (and indeed TAA also) limited their helicopter operations to 'specialized'  tasks.  VH-INO was
                                              the former G-AODL and was imported in 1956.  It crashed in the Nundle State Forest, NSW
                                              in 1960 and was written off.    ANA's publicity shot below shows it toting a typical load.  My
                                              photograph (above) was taken in the hangar at Essendon.    In the third photo, by J.F. Atkinson,
                                              the chopper is seen wearing Ansett-ANA titling at Essendon in 1958.    Finally at the foot of the
                                              page is a shot from the Geoff Goodall collection showing -INO at Sydney in the 1950s whilst
                                              being used as a flying billboard for advertising.       VH-INO was complemented by another
                                              Sycamore, VH-INQ, which was written off in 1961.