VH-INM  Aviation Traders ATL-98 Carvair                                (c/n  21/27314)

                                        This was the last Carvair conversion.  The image above is from the Peter Gates collection.
                                        As a DC-4, it was purchased from Japan Air Lines in 1965 (ex-JA6015) and converted to
                                        Carvair status in 1968.   Below is a rare shot from the Bob Neate collection showing the air-
                                        craft, still as a DC-4, at Essendon in March 1965 after it had been ferried from Tokyo.
                                        After its Ansett days it followed the same path as its stablemate, VH-INK, going first to
                                        Singapore and then on to New Zealand (as ZK-NWB), and finaslly to Hawaii Pacific Air
                                        as N5459M.  Its current status is unknown.