VH-INE   Douglas DC-3CG202A  'Mungana'                                              (c/n  9452)


                                              A former USAAF C-47A-30-DL (42-23590), it operated in Australia during the war with the
                                              call sign VHCGI.     It was acquired by Australian National as a freighter, and remained a
                                              freighter all of its career, at least in Australia.  Hence, it never did carry a white top.  In 1956
                                              it was sold to Canadian Aircraft Renters as CF-JIP.  Later as CF-CAR.    It was sold in
                                              South Africa in 1966 becoming ZS-EDX and operated by Air Cape. 
                                              It moved on to Air Kasai in the Democratic Republic of Congo (the former Zaire) as 9Q-CTR.
                                              Now, bear in mind, when it left Australia it was not one of ANA's better machines, shall we say.
                                              By the time it got to the Congo it surely must have been a regular heap.  Whatever, it is reported
                                              as 'stored' at Ndjili Kinshasa.  Is it possible this old bird still exists?