VH-ILX  Beech E55 baron                                (c/n  TE-791)


                                      Oddly, Beech changed the nomenclature of Baron model numbers with the 'E' series.  Instead of
                                      naming it a D95-E55, the '95' was dropped.    VH-ILX was registered to Beech agents Hawker
                                     de Havilland in May 1970.  It was formerly ex N4094A.  The big-engined E55 Baron was soon
                                     on its way to Papua New Guinea for Talair.     David Carter caught it at Bankstown before delivery.
                                     When PNG became independent, –ILX became P2-ILX in May 1974 and two years later was
                                     reregistered P2-GKR in Talair’s  preferred block.   It was finally withdrawn from use in April 1989,
                                     and ended up in Australia where it was restored as VH-XFA in September 1992.  The Baron was
                                     then sold in the Philippines as RP-C9980 in May 2010.  On March 29, 2011 the right undercarriage
                                     collapsed on take-off from Manila’s domestic airport.     A part of the right propeller broke away
                                     and badly damaged the fuselage.     It is likely the former VH-ILX has been written off.