VH-IDW   DHC-2 Beaver                                                    (c/n 1564)


                                   VH-IDW was one of many Beavers used in Australia for superphosphate spreading by the Aerial
                                   Agriculture group   . It was registered in December 1965 and flown by Super Spread, the group’s
                                   Victorian operation.          In March 1967, while working near Warrnambool, it was involved in a
                                   fatal accident when a bystander walked into the turning propeller. David Carter's  photograph above
                                   of  –IDW was taken at Bankstown in 1970 where Aerial Agriculture had its base. Not long after,
                                   the Beaver was dismantled and packed for shipping to Canada.    Its Australiam registration was
                                   cancelled in January 1971  it became became CF-BTU (later C-FBTU) where it was used for its
                                   intended purpose of hauling cargo and passengers into remote areas.        It was still registered in
                                   August 2016 with Hearst Air Services, of Hearst, Ontario, which has operated it on wheels and
                                   floats since March 1975.