VH-IDU  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                          (c/n  1560)


                                     VH-IDU was another Beaver which went new to Super Spread (and later registered to
                                     Leafair).   It was first delivered to de Havillands at Bankstown early in 1964 and Greg
                                     Banfield's shot (immediately below) shows it brand new at Bankstown in September of
                                     that year prior to its going to Super Spread.   Geoff Goodall's shot (above) shows it in
                                     somewhat revised original livery at Ballarat, Victoria in May 1967.  (It was around that
                                     time that Beavers up for major overhauls had script titling replacing their original block
                                     letters).   VH-IDU was badly damaged in 1972 and then sat for thirty years before being
                                     reborn by Kalair in Vernon, BC for a US customer as N159M.  Lenn Bayliss' image
                                     at the foot of the page shows it in the 1970s blue livery.  This must have been shortly
                                     before it pranged, following which it became a hangar queen for years.   In 2007 c/n 1560
                                     returned to Canada as C-GOBC and, as of 2011, was still active.