VH-IDS  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                       (c/n 1558)


                                  Two images of -IDS by Geoff Goodall.  Above, as a sprayer with complex system of wing mounted
                                  bars at Parafield in August of 1966, and below as a crop duster, at Auburn, South Australia earlier,
                                  (in May) that same year.     VH-IDS was delivered to Robby's new in  July of 1964.  On 15 Sept-
                                  ember 1970 it was badly damaged in a crash at Waikerie, SA .  By 1972 the remains were rebuilt
                                  by A.D.S.(Aerial) Ltd in Southend, England and registered G-AZLU.   The rejuvenated Beaver
                                  was then sold in Canada as C-GMAM.    It is currently still flying for Red Sucker Air Services out
                                  of Winnipeg, dressed in a very authentic original Beaver livery. as seen on Neil Aird's site at: