VH-IDQ  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                 (c/n  1555)


                                        Two nice Beaver shots taken by Greg Banfield.  The one above was at Bankstown in January
                                        1976 when the aircraft was still with Aerial Agriculture.   This company retired it from active
                                        duty in October 1980 and it was off the register until May 1985, at which time it was owned
                                        by Whanair Pty, Ltd of Tamworth, NSW.   Greg's second shot below was taken at that venue
                                        in November 1985.   It was later fitted with floats and went to Aquaflight Airways and then to
                                        Cairns Seaplanes.  In November 2006 it was accidentally run onto a reef at Green Island and
                                        sank.  The wreckage is in store at Wayne McGilvray's hangar at Mareeba.  Hopefully one day
                                        it will be rebuilt.