VH-IDM   DHC-2 Beaver 1                        (c/n  1541)


<>                             Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd at Bankstown purchased a total of over 70 Beavers over the years. When
                             they ran out of VH-AA markings, they switched to the VH-ID block, then VH-IM series. VH-IDM
                             was registered in July 1964, one of a group of brand new Beavers imported in 1964, when the aerial
                             ag industry was booming.     A big slump hit later that decade, and VH-IDM was sold in New Zealand
                             as ZK-CZL. It returned briefly to Oz in January 1989 before going back to Canada as C-GEDE.  As
                             such it is still flying.  The above shot is from the  Wally Scott collection.