VH-IDH  DHC-2 Beaver 1                                       (c/n  1534)


                                           VH-IDH was another new Beaver which was entered onto the Australian civil register in late 1963
                                           and went to Super Spread.  Geoff Goodall saw it at Moorabbin (above) in May of 1964.  It spent
                                           some time with Robbys (below, provenance of image lost, but I suspect Richard J. Maclean) at Para-
                                           field before going to McPhar Geophysics for survey work in Western Australia, where Goodall shot
                                           it again at Kalgoorlie in 1970 (third photo).    It returned to spreading/spraying work with Aerial
                                           Agriculture in the mid 1970s and Greg Banfield saw it (photo # 4) in standard Aerial Ag livery at
                                           Bankstown in March 1975.  In the early 1990s it was sold in Washington state, USA to Kenmore
                                           Air Harbor, Inc   Finally, in June of 2007 it received a major overhaul and was converted into the
                                           beautiful amphibian floated masterpiece N456N seen in Neil Aird's shot taken on the ramp at
                                           Renton (bottom of page).