VH-IDC  DHC-2 beaver 1                                       (c/n  1531)


                                     VH-IDC came into Australia new at the end of 1963 through the (by then) distributor Hawker
                                     DH Australia.  It was sold to Super Spread Aviation division of Aerial Agriculture Pty Ltd in
                                     whose markings it is seen above in this shot by Geoff Goodall at at Bendigo in December 1965.
                                     At some time in the 1980s Super Spread either changed its name to, or was sold to Leafair, but
                                     continued to dba Super Spread.   Greg Banfield's photo (below) shows it in a late, modified form
                                     of the standard Aerial Agriculture livery at Bankstown in July 1984.   AirAg held on to -IDC
                                     until 1995 when it was sold in the USA as N6266M and converted into a very nice seaplane. 
                                     It was purchased by Structures Unlimited in Edmonton in 2007 and, like so many of these old
                                     Beavers, returned to the land of its birth.  It now carries the rego C-FPWH.