VH-ICU  Cessna 182E Skylane                        (c/n  18254144)

                                  This dapper looking Skylane was previously VH-IAU. (Originally VH-RIP when new).     David
                                  Carter’s photograph above was taken at Griffith in November 1978 when the aircraft was accom-
                                  panying the Breville sponsored Kingsford-Smith Air Race.    The logo on the tail is that of Janair
                                  AOPA, believed to be an aviation insurance broker.    The 'Sakubona' on the cabin door is cute
                               .  It is a Zulu (Xhosa) word meaning 'I see you'.  Get it?  Possibly the owner at that time was South
                                  African?    In August 2016, VH-ICU was with a south Sydney owner.