VH-ICG  Cessna 172F Skyhawk                                  (c/n  17252814)


                                      VH-ICG was the fourth registration this 172 carried in quick succession.  It came on to the
                                      Australian register as VH-DOG  in November 1965 only to be withdrawn from use three
                                      months later      When it returned to the register in January 1967 it was as VH-RNG, in the
                                      block used by the Royal Newcastle Aero Club.  Four months after that it was reregistered
                                      VH-KHG and finally in November 1967, as -ICG.          David Carter photographed it at
                                      Bankstown in 1970 which was also its locale on the 1976 register.   –ICG was still current
                                      in October 2016 and based at Northam, Western Australia.