VH-IAR   Cessna 172D Skyhawk                                         (c/n  17249619)


                                        VH-IAR was one of six Skyhawks added to Illawarra Flying School's fleet in November 1962.
                                        Bob Neate's photo (above) was taken at Bankstown in September 1963.   It had been allocated
                                        the US rego N2119Y for export purposes.   It remained as VH-IAR long after Illawarra sold it
                                        and was later withdrawn from use.   In 2001 it was rebuilt and came back onto the register as
                                        VH-SUT, and is currently registered in Victoria.     Geoff Goodall's shot below shows it in May
                                        1971 at Jandakot painted with owner's name Hyder and Beatty of Busselton WA, who were
                                         local agricutural equipment dealers.