VH-IAC (2)  Pipee PA-23-250 Aztec                       (c/n  27-3073)


                                      Briefly VH-PYQ and more briefly N5915Y, VH-IAC was registered in May 1966.     The US
                                      registration was for its trans-Pacific ferry flight and it was –PYQ for just two months with Piper
                                      agent Ansett General Aviation.  David Carter’s photograph shows it with Illawarra Flying School
                                      titles at Bankstown in 1969.  As I am wont to do in the case of really tiny regos, I am enlarging
                                      an image of David's photo below.   Doug Fawcett’s Illawarra was one of the major flying schools
                                      at the airport at the time.    By the mid 1970s, –IAC had been sold to a business at Mt Isa. 
                                      It was damaged beyond repair on 27 March, 1984 at Burketown.