VH-GWR  Piper PA-24-400 Comanche                          (c/n  26-104)


                                      VH-GWR was a demonstrator for Victorian Piper dealers Pipeair Pty Ltd of Moorabbin when the
                                      above Geoff Goodall shot was taken at Portland, Vic in April 1966.   It later flew in the 1970 1000
                                      mile Mobil-Moomba air race around Victoria in 1970 as seen in the shot below, where it is wearing
                                      its race number.   Presumably, originally, the high powered Comanche was to have been given a
                                      new "PA" series number (which would have necessitated getting a new ATC type approval for it),
                                      but Piper's then decided to make it a variant of the PA-24 series.  However, in the event, all 148
                                      dash 400s built were given c/ns in the 26-1 to 26-148 range.