VH-GVH  de Havilland D.H.114 Heron             (c/n  14033)


                                 In 1958 Southern Airways found itself in need of additional capacity on its intra-Victorian
                                 routes and acquired two Herons from New Zealand.  The above machine had originally been
                                 delivered to NZNAC as ZK-BBO, and re-registered ZK-BEQ after they sold it off.  After
                                 Ansett-ANA took over Southern's route structure, VH-GVH was sold to Fiji Airways as
                                 VQ-FAL.   It crashed and was destroyed making an emergency landing at Ura airstrip on
                                 Travenni Island in 1965.       The photo below, from the Civil Aviation Historical Society of
                                 South Australia collection, shows it in the hangar at Essendon along with -GVI being readied
                                 for service in Fiji.