VH-GOB  Piaggio P.166                                    (c/n  400)


                                 <>VH-GOB arrived at Port Moresby on delivery to Ansett-MAL on May 23, 1961.     It was formally
                                  registered on 5 June 5, and based out of Goroka.   It was still in the fleet when Ansett-MAL became
                                 Ansett Airlines of Papua New Guinea  and received the Ansett group’s new “delta” livery in 1970. 
                                 soon after, however, it left PNG for Adelaide where Motifair, a Melbourne company, was to use it
                                 for survey work.  This company continued to operate it on charter work out of Essendon until it was
                                 leased to Capital Air Services, of Wellington, New Zealand, in May 1972.    It returned to Essendon
                                 in September, by which time its ownership had changed.  Ownership was to change a couple of more
                                 times in quick succession before it was damaged at Essendon on December 20, 1983,  and removed
                                 from the register.    A year later –GOB was back, with a new owner, Omni Aviation of Essendon. It
                                 was to prove a short return and it was struck off again in May 1975.   Fitted out for aerial photographic
                                 surveys, it returned to the register in April 1976 with Control Surveys Australia, of Sydney, which leased
                                 it to Qasco Aerial Surveys, also of Sydney.  Based at Bankstown, Qasco was to operate -GOB for
                                 about two years until it was offered  for sale in mid 1978    . David Carter’s picture of –GOB shows it
                                 at Bankstown in its Qasco markings in 1977.   A new owner was found but not before the Piaggio had
                                 suffered minor damage at Bankstown.   <>In July 1981, –GOB was struck off the register for the final time.
                                 Parts started to disappear from it and it was moved into a graveyard with other derelict Piaggios.  In 1985
                                 it was dismantled and trucked to the nearby Holsworthy Army Base as a training aid, where, like much in
                                 the army, it received a coat of khaki paint.  The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society organised a swap
                                 in 1996 and –GOB was hauled back to Bankstown.    In poor condition, it was eventually donated to the
                                 Bankstown Aviation Museum.