VH-GMD (2)   Hughes 269A                                  (c/n  73-0258)

                                         Almost 100 Hughes 200s and 300s were imported into the Australasian area over the years.
                                         I have enlarged below the salient features of Geoff Goodall's shot above to show the titling on
                                         this Hughes   It was at Moorabbin in October 1966 with pontoons attached to its skids.   In
                                         Bob Neate's shot at the foot of the page (taken a couple of years earlier in January 1964) it had
                                         small ground handling wheels.    At that time it had just been assembled by agents International
                                         Helicopters (Australia) Pty Ltd of Moorabbin and added to the register on 18 December 1963
                                         to new owner G. M. Disher of Sydney.      I assume at the time of Geoff's shot it was being used
                                         as a traffic alert platform.  3XY in those days was Melbourne's dominant music radio station.  
                                         Anyway, -GMD later had a series of owners before crashing at Brewarrina, NSW on 8 February