VH-GKK as N7814Q    Cessna 402A                                (c/n  402A-0114)


                                    David Carter, who took the above photo at Bankstown in 1969, did not catch this 402A later
                                    after it became VH-GKK.    First registered in April 1970, it went to New Guinea.  In 1974
                                    was reregistered when  the Territory received independence in 1974 as P2-GKK.  The next
                                    year it was reregistered P2-GKH (so that -GKK could be allocated to a newer 402A).
                                    David Carter saw it at Port Moresby (below) in March 1983.  Nine years later P2-GKH
                                    crashed into the sea near Madang (10 March 1992).