VH-GJC  Cessna 150G                                       (c/n  15064549)


                                           'Unionair' reads the legend in the box under the starboard side door of this 150.   VH-GJC was one
                                           of then numerous new Cessna 150Gs that flooded Australia in the mid 1960s.      Rex Aviation must
                                           have brought in dozens of them.  -GJC was a very early one, being the 16th Model 'G' built, and was
                                           first registered on 14 September 1966 to Williams Aviation Co. of Rockhampton, Qld.   The 'G' had
                                           a slightly wider cabin and new instrument panel from its predecessor.  . When imported by Rex it was
                                           assigned the rego VH-RZF, but this was ntu. Williams, incidentally, purchased a new 337A, VH-GJD
                                           at the same time.     -GJC was later sold on to other owners before it crashed and burned on 21 May
                                           1976 while attempting to land on a road at Lake Bancannia, NSW.