VH-GGB  Percival P.34A Proctor III          (c/n  H.404)


                               This ex-RAF Proctor (LZ597) was civilianized as G-ANGB and exported to Australia in 1956
                               becoming VH-GGB.   It was photographed here at Moorabbin that same year.  The enterprise
                               name of 'Australian Air Charterers' seems a little stilted.  I would have named it 'Australian Air
                               Charters', but possibly that name had already been registered.   It was withdrawn from use at
                               Parafield, Adelaide's airport, in 1965, following the refusal of the DCA to grant Cs of A to wood
                               bonded aircraft.  Below are two nice shots from the Barrie Colledge collection, the lower one
                               (at Essendon, circa 1958) showing it in a somewhat 'livened up' livery.   Finally, it moved to
                               South Australia where Geoff Goodall caught it one day in 1964 at Parafield  (last image).