VH-GCV  Auster IIIF                           (c/n


                                  This Geoff Goodall shot was taken at Benalla, Victoria in January 1964 whilst the Auster was
                                  working for the Gliding Club of Victoria.  In addition to the rather odd looking livery, the glider
                                  hook is easily discernible under the tail.   VH-GCV was the former A11-56 and MZ123 before
                                  that.   It first came onto the register in 1960, and was lost in a crash in January 1974 at Latrobe
                                  Valley.   Having said that, Phil Vabre reports that it has now (mid-2007) arrived at Penfield, SA
                                  along with the remains of Tiger Moth VH-CEJ, ostensibly for both to be rebuilt.   Anyway, below
                                  the bits as seen by Vabre.   I wouldn't like to conjecture how long it might take to get the Auster
                                  airborne again.......
                                  At the foot of the page is a Bob Neate shot showing -GCV at Moorabbin in August 1961.