VH-GBW as G-AJMH  Percival P.31 Proctor IV            (c/n  H.633)


                                          No pictures have been unearthed of this Proctor as VH-GBW,      It had a very short Australian life.
                                          It had departed from Gatwick in May 1954 flown by British racing driver Mr. Beverley Snook, and
                                          after an adventurous trip it was eventually registered in Australia as VH-GBW on 22 November of
                                          that year to Bruce Woodward of Melbourne.          On 4 April 1955 it struck low terrain on a flight
                                          from Melbourne to Canberra while attempting to fly under low cloud.     Woodward, who had only
                                          12 hours on type at that time, and his two passengers were killed.      The above shot was taken by
                                          Dave Freeman at Redhill in 1950, whilst the historic shot below from the Ben Dannecker collection
                                          shows the Proctor on arrival at Moorabbin in November 1954 with new owner Geoff Woodward
                                          (left), Arthur Schutt (center) and ferry pilot Beverley Snook (right)