VH-GAS (1)  de Havilland D.H.83 Fox Moth                  (c/n  DHA6)


                                      This Australian built Fox Moth was originally delivered to the Bush Church Aid Society in February
                                      1938 as VH-AAA.   Based at Ceduna, it was damaged in a forced landing after take-off there in
                                      August 1943.     Repaired in 1949 it was then decided by DCA that -AAA was a prohibited rego,
                                      and that it would have to become VH-BYA..  BCAS said they would much prefer VH-CAS (for
                                      'Church Aid Society') and DCA acquiesced, forgetting that that rego conflicted with their own
                                      VH-CA series!   Memos flew within the Department over the next year until finally the bureaucracy
                                      decided to enforce the change of registration.  On 1 May 1950 a letter was sent by DCA to BCAS
                                      stating that  "I regret to advise that a further alteration to your aircraft's markings will be necessary.
                                      The -CA group are now restricted to aircraft owned and operated by DCA due recent change to
                                      Departmental policy.  May I assure you of the Department's regret."   The letter helpfully suggested
                                      the new registration VH-GAS for minimum painting, and so VH-GAS it became.  .I have never seen
                                      an image of this Fox Moth as VH-CAS although presumably photos of it as such were taken. 
                                      In 1953 it was sold to Papuan Air Transport to replace VH-UTY.   By June 1961 it had returned to
                                      Bankstown and was registered to Austerserve Pty Ltd.   While owned by P Matthews it hit power
                                      lines on landing at Rockdale Station, nr Yanco, NSW on 12 January 1963.   It was rebuilt by Bunn
                                      Bros starting in 1994 and restored to the register carrying its original registration of VH-AAA in June
                                      of 2006.  The photo above is from the Neil Follett collection and shows it shortly after its repair in
                                      1949     Below is a shot by Bob Neate taken at Mildura in September 1962.