VH-GAH (3)  Cessna 172B                             (c/n 47853)


                                        This nice pastoral setting was at Canberra in March 1963.  The Cessna 172B was owned by the
                                        Goulburn Aero Club at the time.   Photo by Bob Neate.     The 172B had been imported by Rex
                                        Aviation at Bankstown in December 1960 as VH-REH.   In February 1961 it was re-registered
                                        VH-GMO for J.J. Parr of Mundubbera, Qld.  This was short-lived for it passed to de Havilland
                                        Aircraft Pty Ltd in May 1961 becoming VH-CYO.   It was sold to Goulburn Aero Club on 7 Aug
                                        1962.   The above shot was taken at an air show and unfortunately, when returning home from
                                        that event, (same day, 16 March 1963) and being flown by an 18 year-old pilot with some 58
                                        hours total time, it crashed near Canberra after striking power lines while flying low down a river
                                        bed.    It would appear that visibility was a problem and the pilot elected to follow the river bed
                                        but forgot about the power pylons.  There were two fatalitites, and VH-GAH was struck off the
                                        register the same day.