VH-FWT   Beech E33A Bonanza                            (c/n  CE-212)

                                        Flown to Australia as N2876B, VH-FWT was registered to Hawker de Havilland, the Beech
                                        agent, in November 1968.  David Carter’s picture was taken on July 7, 1984 at the then new
                                        Hamilton Island airport.      The Bonanza was withdrawn from use between May and October
                                        1983 and its registration was revoked by authorities in September 2002    . It did not return to
                                        the register until November 2009.   In September 2016 –FWT was based at Tocumwal, NSW,
                                        the site of a wartime bomber base, a post-war aircraft graveyard and a centre for gliding excellence.