VH-FWO (1)  Beech E33 Bonanza                                (CD-1130)


                                    This E33 was the first of the Debonairs to be rebadged as Bonanza.  This one was first registered
                                    in Australia in November 1968.   In October 1980 it went to New Caledonia as F-ODGG, but was
                                    restored in March 1994 retaining its old rego.  (Was it the same owner?  Any drtails on this, some-
                                    body?)     Meanwhuile, another -FWO, a Dassault Falcom 20C had come and gone, being only
                                    registered in Oz for the entore year of 1988.   Ian McDonell saw -FWO over the fence at Moorabbin
                                   in March 2016.  Unfortunately the jobsworth wouldn't allow Ian on to the tarmac even though he has
                                   a security pass!   Typical.   Oh, what power we now have given to us.