VH-FTK  Piper PA-22-108 Colt                           (c/n  22-9039)


                                     1,849 Colts, the two seat trainer version of the Tri-Pacer were built.  This one, seen at Dowerin, WA
                                      in August 1978 during an agricultural field day, was previously VH-GWA and was originally imported
                                      for Victorian Piper agents Pipeair Pty Ltd.    In January 1965 it left Victoria for WA when it was sold
                                      to F.T. Kings and Co of remote Southern Cross (half way between Perth and Kalgoorlie). When Geoff
                                      Goodall took the above shot it was owned by a farmer at Quairading, WA.  It was current as of August
                                      2006 when its registration was cancelled by CASA due to non compliance with sub regulation 202.225(5)
                                      (not renewed by owner).