VH-FSC  Piaggio P.166C                                 (c/n  414)

                                    Following the moderate success achieved by the earlier P.166 and P.166B Portofina models with
                                    third level airlines, commuter carriers and charter operators, Piaggio decided, in 1964 to offer a
                                    higher density version known as the P.166C.   It differed from earlier versions in in having new
                                    bulged fairings for the main undercarriage members which allowed increased internal capacity to
                                    provide for seating up to 12 passengers.   The fairings can be seen on Greg Banfield's shot above
                                    taken at Mascot in February 1966 and also in the photos below.  Upper one is from the CAHS
                                    collection and shows -FSC in service with Commuter Air Services at West Sale, Victoria and, at
                                    the foot of the page, a later shot by John Wheatley at Mascot, in 1976.      Unfortunately, by this
                                    time conventionally aspirated engines were on the wane as far as commuter lines were concerned
                                    and only three P.166Cs were ever built.       VH-FSC was the second one    A forthcoming order
                                    by TAA for local services was awarded to Beech for their A80 Queenair.   After passing through
                                    several hands VH-FSC was withdrawn from service in 1976 and languished at the Bankstown
                                    graveyard for many years.  A 1990s attempt to restore it seems to have come to naught and its
                                    exact disposition is not known.