VH-FRG  Cessna `172E Skyhawk                         (c/n  17251012)


                                     This photo, via the CAHS archives, was probably taken at Moorabbin in the mid 1960s, although
                                     the aircraft obviously went out west later, since it was written off in a crash at Braeside Station in
                                     the remote Ragged Hills Mining centre of Western Australia on 13 January 1990.  It appears that
                                     the pilot was attempting to have a look at the strip at around 500' for possible obstructions     The
                                     aircraft evidently stalled and hit the roof of a nearby barn tearing off the nose wheel and port side
                                     gear.  The pilot had enough control to effect a crash landing.  He was uninjured, but the Cessna
                                     was a write-off..