VH-FOO  Piper PA25-235/A1 Pawnee B                        (c/n 25-3025)

                                 Originally registered VH-POO in 1965, this Pawnee suffered a crash at Burren Junction, NSW in
                                 September 1966.  Following another accident it was rebuilt in 1969, and became one of several
                                 Australian Pawnees to be modified as two-seaters, signified by the addition of A1 to its model
                                 number.  It was registered in February 1969 to Jim Hazelton, the owner of Navair, and a renown-
                                 ed GA pilot.    David Carter photographed –FOO parked outside the Navair hangar at Banks-
                                 town shortly before its first flight as a two-seater.  By the mid 1970s it was operating as a crop-
                                 duster out of Cowra, where it came to grief  again on October 10, 1983..  Rebuilt once more it
                                 is still current (2016) and serving as a glider tug for the Australian Soaring Centre at Corowa, NSW.