VH-FNP  Fokker F-27 Friendship 200                              (c/n 10305)


                                    Here's another Airlines of N.S.W. Friendship, this one seen at the northern NSW city of Casino,
                                    up by the Queensland border, in September of 1968.  Photo by Geoff Goodall.   It spent the latter
                                    days of its Ansett Transport life with subsidiary Airlines of South Australia, before returning briefly
                                    to the parent company prior to being sold, in 1987 to Pakistan International Airlines.  It was one
                                    of several acquired by PIA at the time, this one becoming AP-BCZ.  It was finally withdrawn from
                                    use in 2006.  Below are two shots of it by Danny Tanner in its Airlines of South Australia days.
                                    Both at Adelaide International.  Top, in January 1979 and lower in July 1983. ,